Big Knife Little Knife Caliper Tee

Indulge your anxiety: tour shirt pre-orders available until Friday.

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HEY TORSO-OWNERS! We’ve been cranking out a bunch of t-shirts that we’ll be selling on tour, but there is one sad fact: having t-shirts in all the sizes and types on hand is just VERY expensive, so we’ll only have a limited amount and we may run out of certain sizes partway.

But life doesn’t have to be a lottery! If you have your heart set on a BKLK shirt and you plan to attend a show on the tour, you can guarantee your successful acquisition of said shirt in your size and style preference by pre-ordering now.

(***Like, right now, immediately pretty much, so I can close the sale by end of day Friday to get the right sizes in time to print them for you.)

If this appeals to you, order here:…/bklk-caliper-shi……/bklk-caliper-shi…

You can put in a shipping address because it will probably ask for one, but we will ignore it! We will instead put it in a box with your name and some very strong wording on it, and you can pick it up at the merch table at any of the upcoming shows on this list: