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Wow, we released an album and three new videos, and didn’t even mention them here. News and upcoming:

Western Canada tour dates

Most current/urgent! We’re playing a set of dates in Alberta (Edmonton, Lethbridge, Calgary) next week, around our show at the Sled Island Festival, where we’ll be sharing the Ship & Anchor stage with The Flatliners on Friday, June 24.

I don’t know what David and Kevin are doing after that, but I’ll just be following Doug Martsch around until he notices and I have to stop.

Doug Martsch video still

June 22, 2016 – The Buckingham, Edmonton (fb)
Big Knife Little Knife with Heaven For Real, Darto

June 23, 2016 – Attainable Records, Lethbridge (fb)
Big Knife Little Knife with Youngbloods

June 24, 2016 – Ship & Anchor, Calgary; Sled Island Festival (fb)
Big Knife Little Knife with The FlatlinersNight CommitteePrepared

New album: Anchor Rights

We released full-length Anchor Rights at the end of May. Dave Draves and Harris Newman and Jeremy Gara and Mark Molnar all contributed to making it sound amazing, and Nicole Aline Legault‘s cover artwork made it look fantastic.

We’re selling digital downloads as well as high-quality prints of Nicole’s art on our BKLK Bandcamp page, so head there to order if that sounds like the kind of thing that’s your thing.

New videos

We made three new videos: A Certain Degree, Brickwork, and Christa McAuliffe. We’re pretty no-budget, so it was kind of a band challenge to outdo each other with the resources we’ve got. We each went looking for old footage available under the Creative Commons to put together as videos. We found some education, some beauty, some high drama, and some… safety superhero time travel.


Blog, Releases, Video

We have a bunch of new things out lately, but it feels premature to point to them overly strenuously just yet because we have even more news coming soon. Consider this an intro.

1. Release date! Our LP Anchor Rights will be released in a week, on April 29. It will be digital-only for the moment, one thing at a time as we are not vinyl-rich.

2. Cover art! Nicole Aline Legault built us some beautiful, intimidating waves.


3. Live video! We released another video from last year’s live show at La Vitrola, recorded/mixed/edited by safesolvent, Celeste Makow, Ian Cameron, Seb Perry, and Jeremy Gara.


4. Merch and presale! In advance of the album release, you can pre-order the digital tracks, or pair it with the order of a print of the cover art on our Big Knife Little Knife Bandcamp page.

More video, press, news to come between now and the album release on April 29.